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Founded by author Robin Adams in 2016, Inklings Creative Expressions has grown to over thirty-five active participants gives writers the opportunity to get together, share and receive constructive criticisms on their manuscript, and network with other writers and educators in the community.  From the youngest writers to the published authors, Inklings has a place for all.

Each writer in the group is a teacher.  We all have our strengths and specialties.  When a person gives a critique, everyone learns.  Besides this 'hands on' approach, community educations are also invited in to speak on various topics that will be helpful in the growth and education of our writers.

I would like to thank all the wonderful people who participate in the Inklings' critique groups.  I hope the time you spend with us helps you to grow confident in your abilities, become stronger writers, and forge long-lasting friendships and connections.

I have enjoyed every minute spent with my writer friends!

Robin Adams
Our Philosophy


To Educate and Motivate

Our History

The idea for Inklings was sparked by a need for a writer's critique group in the area .  We had our first meetings at the Woodstock Public Library in 2016 and grew from there...expanding to Canton, Roswell, and Marietta by 2023 with virtual and in-person groups.

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